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Friday, April 20, 2012

Feelings Run Deep

Feelings Run Deep chronicles true paranormal experiences of a young girl, which occurred for a while during her infancy and toddler years, then the attacks resumed during her adolescence.  As if those traumatic experiences wasn't devastating enough, in between the terrifying paranormal encounters she experienced horrendous physical and sexual child abuse by the man whom her entire family always led her to believe was her father.  Even though her mother knew how deeply her husband hated her daughter it wasn’t until she was dying that she revealed to her that he was not her father, which made the protagonist furious at her dying mother.

Immediately after Jelene's mother died, she and her siblings were taken back to Georgia to live with their mother’s sister.  Mourning the death of their mother caused Jelene and her siblings to cling to their aunt much more than her two younger daughters felt pleased about; and subsequently, their jealously led to unbearable violence.  Jelene had already suffered horrendous sexual abuse from her stepfather which had deeply scarred her, then shortly after moving there her aunt’s abusive alcoholic husband began a relentless attempt to rape her.  Eventually he started announcing before his wife and all the children in the house that he was going to rape her like her stepfather had done.  The culmination of ghostly beatings and his relentless attempts to rape her, caused such deep fear and sleep deprivation within her that it eventually led her to have a breakdown one tired stormy night.

This book depicts several real life experiences that the author experienced that lies outside of the natural realm of life, but were experienced and at times witnessed by other family members.   As incredulous as some of the incidents in this book may seem, the author is willing to receive medically administered Sodium Pentothal to attest to the veracity of the contents of this book.

The incidents depicted in this book reveals how the impact of  such indelible feelings can transcends our physical existence.  It also provides insight on issues that  blended families may face; thereby, giving the reader insight on how to circumvent negative emotions within family members when their desire is to have a family filled with love and peace.

For those who haven't read the book, it's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions regarding any contents of the book.